Commuting Calculator

Commuting Calculator

If you want to promote smart commuting, a good start is to look at the current situation. The Commuting Calculator is a free online tool designed for companies. It provides you with concrete information about your employees’ commuting patterns and needs as well as about the means for making their travel more sustainable. In addition, you can find out the carbon emissions and current modal split of your employees’ commutes by office as well as the potential for change. Employers get their own username and password to create staff commuting surveys, edit them and to view the results. Employees can find out their own travel profile and get comparison data on their own commutes as well as tips for sustainable commuting.

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Questions on pages 1-7 are compulsory and questions on pages 8-15 are optional. If you wish to include other travel-related questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Employers can use the calculator independently free of charge or order an HSL start kit.