Commuting plan

Commuting plan

A company’s commuting plan is a plan consisting of concrete measures to promote smart travel. In practice, the plan is a list of scheduled measures and people responsible for their implementation.

In order to be successful in developing a commuting plan, employers need factual information about the current staff commuting habits and related development needs. HSL’s easy-to-use Commuting Calculator provides employers with this information.

There is a variety of measures available to encourage smart commuting ranging from quick and easy solutions to others requiring more planning and budgeting. Commuting can be discussed as part of occupational well-being program, environmental management system, occupational safety planning, or when thinking about new location for the company or telecommuting policies. The development of commuting should be seen as an issue concerning the whole organization.

Implementing individual measures in isolation, only to find out that they do not work, is a waste of effort. The most efficient way to influence employees’ travel habits is “stick and carrot”, i.e. to take both measures to motivate as well as influence employees’ commuting. It is reasonable to introduce measures limiting the use of car along with measures encouraging the use of sustainable modes of travel. In order that the staff would not feel the measures as unequal, it is important to treat different modes of travel equally, i.e. to provide equal incentives and measures to promote the use of public transport, walking, cycling and smarter driving.

Employers can, for example, promote commuter cycling by improving cycle parking, dressing and shower facilities and by providing bicycles for work related errands or company bicycles. Employers can also increase telecommuting and video conferencing possibilities, make car parking subject to charge or provide training in economic driving for those who need car in their work. Competitions and campaigns motivate staff to walk and cycle, while employer-subsidized commuter tickets encourage staff to use public transport.


Consultants offer additional services

Professional service providers in the field of transport can help you in preparing a commuting plan as well as assist in the use of mobility services and examining the costs. 


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