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Commuter voucher

Employers can purchase HSL’s commuter vouchers worth EUR10 and distribute them to the staff. Employees can use the vouchers for loading season tickets or value on their personal Travel Cards. 

Commuter vouchers can be used also by persons entitled to reduced fares.

Employers can order the vouchers according to their needs. HSL will refund unused vouchers within their validity period.

Order form

The following sales points accept commuter vouchers:

  • HSL’s service points and municipal service points in HSL's member municipalities
  • R- kiosks
  • Stockmann department stores in the HSL area
  • Citymarket stores in the HSL area
  • Prisma stores in the HSL area
  • S-market stores in the HSL area
  • Alepa, K-Market and K-Supermarket grocery stores in the HSL area as well as some 20 kiosks marked with HSL's logo

Invoiced employer-subsidized commuter ticket

HSL offers invoiced employer-subsidized commuter tickets to companies who want to pay their employees’ commuter tickets in full.  The company signs an agreement with HSL and orders the tickets. HSL makes personal Travel Cards to the company's employees, loaded with season tickets valid for a specified time, for example one year at a time, as per the agreement concluded with the company.

Once the first season ticket loaded on the cards has expired, the employer or employee visits a service point to load a new season ticket. The employee needs an order form from the employer to do this. HSL charges a 3% sales commission on the tickets as well as possible postage. If you have any questions, please contact

Products by HSL’s partners in cooperation

Eazybreak's mobile commuter voucher

Eazybreak’s commuter voucher is an electronic payment method for paying public transport tickets. The employer signs an agreement with Eazybreak.

To start using the service, the employer registers with Eazybreak. After the registration, employees will receive an email containing a link allowing them to check their own information and approve the terms of use. The commuter vouchers are distributed into the employees’ personal user accounts according to the voucher distribution profile determined by the employer. Employees can then order the electronic vouchers to their mobile phones.

Employer, if you want to start using Eazybreak: register at Employees can use the electronic Eazybreak commuter vouchers to pay season tickets or value loaded on personal Travel Card, in compliance with tax authorities’ regulations.

Employee, if you have an Eazybreak commuter voucher provided by your employer, tell the sales person you want to pay with Eazybreak and show the electronic voucher you have on your phone.

Benefits for employers:

  • Fully electronic service that eliminates the manual processing of commuter vouchers almost entirely
  • Easy way to offer employees an eco-friendly means of commuting and to save in parking costs
  • Employers and employees can use also lunch, sports and culture vouchers with the same Eazybreak service
  • The more types of vouchers used, the cheaper the service prices
  • Use of commuter vouchers can be monitored via real-time reports
  • Nationwide network of sales points

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TyömatkaPassi by ePass

TyömatkaPassi provides employers a quick and easy way to offer the commuting benefit to their staff.  TyömatkaPassi automates the management of employer-subsidized commuter tickets. The employer signs an agreement with ePassi Payments Oy.

How to start using TyömatkaPassi?

Call the ePassi Customer Service on 0200 69 000 and follow the instructions to start using the fully electronic service right away. The flexible TyömatkaPassi involves no logistics, physical means of payment or electronic vouchers.

How do I pay with TyömatkaPassi?

You can use the benefit immediately once you have given the information asked for at a sales point. The sales person loads onto your Travel Card the desired amount from your TyömatkaPassi balance. The transaction is fast and your employer now has the reports needed for the tax authorities.

Will the employer have to pay the value of the benefit if it is not used?

No. The expenses paid by the employer are based on the factual usage of the benefit.

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Smartum's Työmatkasaldo

Wíth the Finnish Smartum Työmatkasaldo, employers can easily offer the commuting benefit to their staff. Employees can use Työmatkasalto to purchase suitable ticket products or load their travel cards at all R-kiosks around the country. Paying with Työmatkasaldo is simple – transactions are made using a mobile phone QR code.

See how it works.

For employers, the management of Työmatkasaldo is easy: the benefit is ordered, loaded and monitored online. Employers can manage all employee benefits under one Smartum account: sports and culture, sports, lunch, commuting and wellbeing.

The employer signs an agreement with ePassi Payments Oy.

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Ways to buy employer-subsidized commuter tickets:

  • The employer buys a season pass for the employee.
  • The employer buys VR commuter vouchers from a VR ticket sales point or corporate sales (tel. 0307 23 702). The employee uses the vouchers to pay part of the season ticket.

VR's employer-subsidized commuter ticket

  • Sold as a season ticket for a period chosen by the customer
  • Entitles to unlimited travel on the route and train type stated on the ticket
  • Personal Eco Class ticket
  • Sold for long-distance services and VR zone commuter train journeys    

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