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HSL card

The HSL card is an easy and cost-effective payment option. It can be used on all public transport services in Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kerava and Kirkkonummi: buses, commuter trains, the Metro, trams and the Suomenlinna ferry.  You can load both season tickets and value or money on the same card.

There are two types of HSL cards, and the choice of card depends on its purpose of use. The card costs 5 euros.

A multi-user HSL card is well-suited for joint use, for example, for companies, families as well as for residents of other municipalities. A multi-user HSL card can be used by anyone holding the card who belongs to the same customer group.

A personal HSL card can only be used by the owner of the card. It is the most economic option: as the region’s municipalities subsidize the public transport journeys of their residents, the residents of HSL area municipalities and the neighboring municipalities can buy HSL card season tickets that are cheaper than general or multi-user season tickets.

Personal and multi-user HSL cards compared