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Smart travel start kit

In order to find the best solutions for promoting smart travel in your company, it is good to conduct a commuting survey and draw up a commuting plan. The plan outlines all concrete measures to promote your employees’ smart travel.

In order to be successful in developing a commuting plan, you need factual information about the current staff commuting habits and related development needs. HSL’s easy-to-use Commuting Calculator provides you with this information.

The Commuting Calculator is a free online tool designed for companies. Employers get their own username and password to create staff commuting surveys, edit them and to view the results. Employees can find out their own travel profile and get comparison data on their own commutes as well as tips for sustainable commuting.

Employers can use the Commuting Calculator independently but there is also an HSL Smart travel start kit for those who want assistance.

What the kit includes

The kit includes two meetings, guidance on the use of the calculator, development of a survey and support and advice during the survey process.

  • Kick off meeting: initial assessment of mobility issues in the company, tailoring of a commuting survey and guidance on the use of the calculator
  • Commuting survey with the Commuting Calculator: e.g. marketing of the survey, monitoring of response rate
  • Decision meeting: Analysis of the survey results and discussion on appropriate measures
  • ‘Employer that makes you move’ certificate

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