Timetable display

Electronic public transport timetable services

Availability of information is important if you want to encourage people to use sustainable modes of transport.  Studies show that easily available timetable information increases employees’ use of public transport almost as effectively as financial incentives.

Timetable display

A public transport timetable display in a company’s lobby encourages the staff, visitors and customers to use public transport. The display shows the next services on routes serving the nearby stops. The screen can be divided so that the other half shows a map of the surrounding area with stop locations, weather information or your organization’s own bulletins.






HSL’s timetable display service includes content design and implementation, installation of the display and updating of the timetables. The company is responsible for the purchase costs of the display, data connection, monitoring of the working of the display and any wishes for the contents.

A good location for a display is at the company’s lobby close to the exit or at a common room or dressing facilities or, for example, at a reception desk.

The service is available also via internet links (limited features compared to the display system maintained by HSL) as part of the company’s internal information channels. The internet links can be used free of charge.

For more information about the display service and prices, see the brochure below.

Timetable displays.pdf

Search boxes and links

Embed a Journey Planner search box on your intranet or website or attach a link to the Journey Planner to your event invitations. You can also create your own stop-specific timetable and embed it on your intranet, for example.