Don't dodge the fare

Our ticket inspectors are there for customers. By paying your fare, you enable affordable public transport and continued high level of service. For a ticket inspector, the best day is when they don’t have to issue a single penalty fare.

Ticket inspectors and Kalevauva artists in a Tram in Töölö.
One of the ticket inspectors is holding a sign that reads "I thought these orange buses are free?". Two inspectors watch from the side.

Five tips for buying tickets

  1. When using the HSL app, buy your ticket before you board a vehicle or enter the Metro payment area after passing the card readers at the top of the escalators to the platforms.
  2. You can transfer from one mode of transport to another within the validity of your ticket. It is enough that your ticket is valid when you board a vehicle or enter the metro payment area. Single tickets are valid for 80–110 minutes.
  3. Find out which ticket you need. Use the Journey Planner to easily find out which ticket you need for your journey and what it costs.
  4. Season tickets are personal which means you cannot give your ticket for a friend to use. Instead, by your friend a single ticket.
  5. If you have a season ticket and you receive a penalty fare because you forgot your HSL card at home or your phone ran out of battery, the penalty fare can be cancelled once the validity of your ticket has been verified. This is possible when you present a photo ID to the ticket inspector.
Ticket inspectors blowing out a zero shaped candle on a cake.

How to buy tickets

The easiest way to buy tickets is to use the HSL app. The app also includes the Journey Planner, which helps you to buy the right ticket for your journey. Buy single, day or season tickets wherever and whenever you want and conveniently pay with your debit/credit card.

Read more about other ways to buy tickets and information to help you choose the right ticket on the Tickets and fares page.