Operating income and expenses

HSL’s activities are financed by ticket revenue, municipal contributions, subsidies and other income.

In the 2017 budget, ticket revenue is estimated to account for 51per cent, municipal contributions from the member municipalities for 46,5 per cent and other income for 2,5 per cent of HSL's operating income. Operating expenses are allocated to each member municipality based on the use of the services. Ticket revenue is allocated by municipality on the basis of the ticket revenue proceeds for each municipality. The demand data (boardings and passenger kilometers by mode of transport) used in the allocation of expenses is based on ticket surveys and Travel Card system data or other similar data collected from reliable sources.


Operating income 2017

Ticket revenue 343.6
Municipal contributions 313,3
Other income 17,2 *)
Total 674,2
*) I.e. Government subsidies  

Operating expenses 2017

Operating costs 502,8
Infrastructure services 109,8
Other purchases of services 34,6
Personnel expenses 20,4
Other expenses 10,3
Total 677,9