HSL commuter benefit is the easiest way to provide employer-subsidized commuter tickets

Employees are the most important asset in your company! Make commuting easier for your employees by offering them the HSL Commuter Benefit. 

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A sense of community brings employees to the workplace – promote well-being at work by offering your employees an employer-subsidized commuter ticket

A recent study conducted by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health provides employers with information that can be used to promote the well-being of personnel in a changing workplace environment.

The HSL employer-subsidized commuter ticket is a great way to promote multi-location working that is here to stay.

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HSL Commuter Benefit in a nutshell

  • The HSL Commuter Benefit is a ticket for journeys between home and workplace that the employer offers to their personnel.
  • It is a fringe benefit that can be offered to the entire personnel or to a limited personnel group.
  • The employer pays no non-wage labor costs when the benefit is added to the employees’ salary and the costs can be deducted in the company's taxation.
  • The benefit is tax-free for employees (up to as much as EUR 3,400 per year).
  • Employers are able to manage the benefits of their personnel by means of our easy-to-use online service and employees can take the benefit into use quickly on their mobile phones.

Two ways to offer commuter benefit

Auto-renewing season ticket

Offer your employees an auto-renewing 30-day season ticket on public transport. The ticket is generated automatically to cover the zones between the employee’s home and workplace. The season ticket is an easy and affordable way of supporting your employees’ daily commute. 

Prices of 30-day season tickets 2022 (incl. VAT (10%)

AB / BC / D             €65.30
CD       €83.90
ABC / BCD       €99.70
ABCD       €142.70 

Upcoming product: Mobility budget

Grant your employees a mobility budget that they can use to purchase the tickets they need via the HSL app. You are invoiced on a monthly basis based on actual use, and there are no other costs. The mobility budget is a flexible commuter benefit that is a great option, especially for hybrid working.

Tickets purchased using the budget are invoiced in accordance with HSL’s price list.

For employers

Use our online service to buy mobile season tickets for your employees without additional costs. You can easily add employees as beneficiaries.

We will invoice you on a monthly basis only for the benefits that you have used in arrears. No other costs will be charged!

You get reports for payroll administration and income register.

For employees

The mobile commuter benefit is easy to use and helps employees in their everyday lives.

The commuter benefit is a tax-free fringe benefit up to EUR 3,400 per year.

Read more about the commuter benefit for employees 

Commuter benefit conveniently online

You can issue your employees mobile season tickets as employee benefit using our online service for employers.

“The HSL Commuter Benefits makes the managing of day-to-day operations easier even for a company of our size.”

— Jani Valkonen, CEO, Ainia Solutions Oy

“The benefits of the HSL Commuter Benefit are much greater than the costs incurred.”

— Kirsi Taivaloja, Helsinki Business Hub

HSL commuter vouchers

Commuter vouchers worth EUR 10 can be used to load value or season tickets on the HSL card. Commuter vouchers are accepted as payment at various sales points such as R-kiosks as well as K Group and S Group stores.

Payment methods of partners

You can also buy HSL tickets using payment methods provided by HSL’s partners. Commuter benefit solutions are provided by Eazybreak, ePassi, Smartum and Edenred.

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