FAQ: Journey Planner

The Journey Planner is lacking an important feature. Is the planner being developed further?

The Journey Planner is being constantly developed. Our design team uses service design, e.g. user interviews, and monitors customer feedback to create new features. At the moment, we are working to address, for example, the following shortcomings identified:

  • Usability problems with location services
  • General usability problems with the search fields
  • Findability of timetables for routes and stops via the search
  • Usability of timetables, stop-specific timetables, printing of timetables
  • Shortcomings in accessibility, clarity and readability of texts
  • Errors in route suggestions and improving quality
  • Maps and address data are continuously updated on the basis of feedback
  • Shortcomings in the presentation of payment zones and prices
  • Slowness and compatibility problems with some browsers and devices
  • Technical problems that may lead to service disruptions or error messages. We regularly fix problems we notice ourselves or in response to feedback.

Some of the problems already fixed or other changes made:

  • Adding via points made possible in the advanced search
  • The maximum number of saved locations has been increased
  • City bikes added for the duration of summer
  • Quality of address and location search results has been improved

Why a new Journey Planner?

The new Journey Planner has been designed in particular for mobile users. Most of the Journey Planner searches are made on smartphones.

The new Journey Planner is able to detect your location - wherever you are - and finds you the best routes from your place of departure. Your location is the key to the new Journey Planner’s new features: enable location services on your device!

The new Journey Planner shows you the location of buses, trams and trains in the HSL area, the stops closest to your current location and what is going on around you public transport-wise. You can also track your journey in real-time.

In addition, the new Journey Planner serves regular users even better. Instead of making a route search every time, you can quickly check the timetables for your favorite stops and the stops nearby on the ‘Near you’ and ‘Favorites’ tabs.

The new Journey Planner alerts you to any disruptions on your route and allows you to avoid them when real-time information becomes available for all HSL’s vehicles during spring 2017.

It would have been technically problematic and expensive to utilize the possibilities of real-time data and introduce the new features in the old Journey Planner.

The new Journey Planner has been developed using the principles of open data, which means that any one  can use the open data to develop new applications to facilitate travel.

How do I search for a route with the new Journey Planner?

If you have enabled location services on your computer or smartphone, the route search will use your location to find the best routes for you. For best search results, enable location services on your device. You can adjust the search results to better suit your needs using the ‘Settings’ button.

When you search for a route, you only need to enter your destination.

If you do not want a route from your current location, you can change the place of departure.

The destination can be an address, a stop or a location.

The address data is obtained from Open Street Map. Locations available in the service are available also on the Journey Planner.

For example, if you search for a particular bus service, the results will appear on the second page of the search results. 

You can also add via points. Setting via points and other additional features are available in the advanced search.

I don’t want to walk or change vehicles. How do I adjust the search results?

To adjust the settings of the route search, first make a search. Use the ‘Settings’ button in the top right corner of the route search to adjust, for example,  your walking speed, desired walking distance and the number of transfers.

What if I want to travel only by tram or train, for example?

You can select the desired modes of transport in the advanced search, using the ‘Setting’ button, by either activating or deactivating modes of transport. When you make a new search, the settings will be reset. At the moment, the settings cannot be saved.

I want to travel by bus 58. How do I select the route?

You cannot select a particular service in the new Journey Planner. This was not possible in the old Journey Planner either. The new Journey Planner gives you alternative route suggestions that are always the fastest.

Why does the Journey Planner want to detect my location?

For best search results, enable location services on your device. You need to enable location services on each device you use, for example on your computer, tablet and smartphone. Location services allow you to get the best route suggestions. If you have disabled location services on your device earlier, you need to change the settings on your device to enable location services on the Journey Planner.

How do I print my itinerary from the new Journey Planner?

On a desktop, you can print an itinerary by pressing Ctrl + P, for example. The new Journey Planner automatically prints the itinerary and map on separate pages. You can zoom the map to the selected location and to the size you want.

Can I print a timetable for a specific route from the new Journey Planner?

For the moment being, no you can’t. You can print timetables from the old Journey Planner at classic.reittiopas.fi

What can I do in the start view?

The map shows stops. Click a stop to see the next services arriving at the stop. The stop pop up window allows you to find a route to/from the stop.

In addition, the map shows HSL’s ticket sales points, terminals, Park & Ride sites and city bike stations (during the biking season).

How does the ‘Near you’ child page work?

The ‘Near you’ page shows all services operating nearby.

If you have not enabled location services, the page displays services from the location you have entered yourself. If you have enabled location services, you can see services from stops close to your current location.

How can I find the closest stop?

If you have enabled location services, you can see the closest stop on the map. You can also search for a stop: enter stop name or a stop number displayed at bus and tram stops (e.g. the stop number of the ‘Hiekkatie’ bus stop in Vantaa is V6008).

Where can I find information about disruptions?

The new Journey Planner guides you to the fastest route and filters out routes with disruptions.

If a disruption occurs en route, disruption information is displayed along with service information, e.g. in the route search, the page for the service in question or your Favorites. If you are using a browser version of the planner on a desktop, you can access disruption information by clicking the white triangle in the top right corner. In the mobile version, click the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

Can I still use the old Journey Planner?

The old Journey Planner is still available at classic.reittiopas.fi The old planner will be removed during 2017.

Can I transfer my information from the old Journey Planner to the new one?

Any routes saved in the old Journey Planner are stored on your HSL account. They will be transferred to the new planner when HSL.fi and the Journey Planner are merged during 2017. At the moment, they cannot be transferred to the new planner. You can save your favorite locations and routes in the new Journey Planner using the star button. You can add favorites to the Favorites tab. The planner will automatically offer your favorites when you search for a route.

How can I select and edit favorite routes and locations on the new Journey Planner?

Select the ‘Favorites’ tab and click on ‘Add location’. In the desktop version, the ‘Favorites’ tab is on the right of the screen, in the mobile version it is at the bottom of the page. You can also change your favorite locations.

There is an edit icon in the top right corner of each favorite location, allowing you to edit or delete your favorites.

Find the desired service using the search: services are displayed on the second page of the search. Use the star button to select/unselect a service.

I want to have the Journey Planner app on my smartphone. Where can I find it?

The new Journey Planner works on most common browsers and devices. Add the reittiopas.fi address to your phone’s home menu to use the page like an app. During 2017, the Journey Planner will become an integral part of the upgraded HSL.fi and new HSL app.

Where can I give feedback about the Journey Planner?

You can give feedback here:


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