HSL Commuter Benefit

Are you wondering how you could support and facilitate your employees' commuting? The HSL commuter benefit is a sustainable and affordable alternative to, for example, maintaining expensive parking places.

We offer a variety of options for daily and occasional commuting. What would be the most suitable alternative for you and your employees?

Options for daily commuting

Options for occasional journeys

Need help in choosing the best option for you?

Are you wondering what would be the best option for your company? Contact us and we will find a suitable solution for you!

Why to choose commuter benefit

Easier day-to-day life, smoother commuting

Public transport makes commuting easier and provides a flexible way to get around. Although the commuter benefit is primarily for commuting between home and work, employees can also use if for leisure journeys.

Cost-effective benefit that helps to reduce costs

Maintaining parking facilities is expensive. How about offering your employees cost-effecting employer-subsidized commuter tickets instead? The employees will also save money as they no longer need to pay for parking or maintaining a car.

Incidental activity increases wellbeing at work

Commuting between home and work increases incidental exercise without any real effort: users of public transport take on average 2,000 steps more a day than those who use car. Increased incidental activity supports wellbeing at work and gives energy.

Cost-effective benefit that does not incur additional costs

Commuter benefit acquisition costs are tax deductible for the company and there are no non-wage labor costs. For employees, the benefit is tax free up to EUR 3,400.

Environmentally friendly commuting

Responsible commuting reduces your employees’ carbon footprint. Environmentally friendly commuting conveys your company values and creates a positive employer image.

Sustainable alternative to other employee benefits

The commuter benefit is a fringe benefit offered by an employer to its employees. It is a good alternative to parking benefits and company cars. In addition, the commuter benefit enhances more equal treatment of motorists and public transport users.

Payment methods of partners

Would you like to offer the commuter benefit to your employees in other parts of Finland? Or maybe you would like to include employer-subsidized commuter tickets in your range of employee benefits? Read more about the payment methods offered by our partners.