HSL commuter benefit is an easy way to provide employer-subsidized commuter tickets

Commuter benefit is a public transport ticket provided to an employee by the employer. For employees, the benefit is tax-free up to EUR 3,400 a year.

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A cost-effective way to support your employees’ commuting

Save on parking and travel costs by offering commuter benefit instead of a company car. When you use our online service, you only pay the price of the season ticket with no additional costs. 

Prices of 30-day season tickets 2022 (incl. VAT (10%)

AB / BC / D             €65.30
CD       €83.90
ABC / BCD       €99.70
ABCD       €142.70 

A responsible employer offers commuter benefit to its employees

Responsible commuting reduces your company’s carbon footprint and conveys your company values. Young employees in particular value the social responsibility of their employer.

By also providing support to those making public transport trips, you promote your employees’ sense of equity.

For employers

Offer HSL commuter benefit to your employees without additional costs

Use our online service to buy mobile season tickets to your employees without additional costs. You only pay for tickets activated by your employees. We will invoice you for the tickets monthly in arrears.

Select the amount you want to use to support your employees' commuting

You can offer the commuter benefit to your employees on top of their salary, as part of their current cash salary, or you can collect the deductible from the employees. There are as many ways as there are employers – please contact us to find the best option for you.

No non-wage labor costs

If the amount of commuter benefit on top of salary per employee does not exceed EUR 3,400 a year, there are no non-wage labor costs. In addition, the acquisition costs are tax-deductible.

Order and manage your employees’ tickets online

Our online service allows you to easily add employees to the benefit. You get reports for payroll administration and income register.

“The HSL Commuter Benefits makes the managing of day-to-day operations easier even for a company of our size.”

— Jani Valkonen, CEO, Ainia Solutions Oy

“The benefits of the HSL Commuter Benefit are much greater than the costs incurred.”

— Kirsi Taivaloja, Helsinki Business Hub

Commuter benefit conveniently online

You can issue your employees mobile season tickets as employee benefit using our online service for employers.

HSL commuter vouchers

Commuter vouchers worth EUR 10 can be used to load value or season tickets on the HSL card. Commuter vouchers are accepted as payment at various sales points such as R-kiosks as well as K Group and S Group stores.

Payment methods of partners

You can also buy HSL tickets using payment methods provided by HSL’s partners. Commuter benefit solutions are provided by Eazybreak, ePassi, Smartum and Edenred.

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