Employer-subsidized commuter tickets quickly and easily with no additional costs

Offer your employees auto-renewing season tickets on the HSL app.


HSL Commuter Benefits Service is an online service for employers

Season ticket to mobile phone

You can issue mobile season tickets to your employees who live in the HSL area or in the neighboring municipalities using our online service for employers. Your employees get season tickets that are always valid on the HSL app.

Online self-service

You can manage everything online without needing to visit a service point. Registering as a service user is free. 

Monthly invoicing

We will invoice you once a month for the price of 30-day season tickets purchased via the service. You will only pay for season tickets which have been activated. There are no service fees. 

Easy to make changes

If there are changes to an employee's employment status, you can suspend the employee’s commuter benefit via the service. However, an employee’s season ticket is always valid until the end of the 30-day period already paid for. 


You can grant commuter benefits to your employees via your company’s account page in the HSL Commuter Benefits Service.

You can easily manage your employees’ benefits whenever you want.

You keep up to date with the number of season tickets and on whom benefits have been assigned.

We will invoice you for all of the season tickets monthly.


You will receive an invitation to activate the benefit via email.

Download the HSL app on your phone.

Activating the commuter benefit is easy.

You can start using the ticket immediately and it is always valid.

Prices of tickets invoiced monthly


AB / BC / D €62.70
CD €80.60
ABC / BCD €99.70
ABCD €142.70

Order HSL Commuter Benefits Service. You will get access to the service in a few days.

Already using the HSL Commuter Benefits Service?

Read the instructions for companies and employees here

“The benefits of the HSL Commuter Benefit are much greater than the costs incurred.”

— Kirsi Taivaloja, Helsinki Business Hub

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