Terms of delivery

The order is binding. Please check the order confirmation you received by email.

Only employers can order commuter vouchers. The employer is also responsible for instructing and monitoring employees on the use of commuter vouchers. 
Tax Administration instructions on employer-subsidized commuter tickets are available via this link

Commuter vouchers are worth EUR 10. The minimum order quantity is 10 and the order quantity must be divisible by 10. Vouchers ar valid until 31.03.2023.

We deliver orders up to EUR 1,000 without prepayment. Orders with a value of over EUR 1,000 must be paid for before delivery. In the case of invoicing, we check your credit information.  

The delivery time is 1–5 working days from the order / payment of invoice.  The vouchers are sent as insured delivery. Orders with a value of over EUR 15,000 are delivered by courier. Delivery costs of 10 euros (incl. VAT 24%) are added to the invoice.     

Employers may return commuter vouchers within their validity. The vouchers being returned must not be defaced or torn. When returning vouchers, please attach a note with the company name, business ID and bank account details for refund purposes. A commission of 1.5% of the nominal value of the vouchers is charged for the return. You can return the vouchers my mail or bring them to HSL’s service point at the Helsinki Central Railway Station. Please note that vouchers sent by mail are at the sender’s risk. 

Postal address:

HSL Corporate Sales 
Päärautatieasema 2. krs,  
PL 104, 00077 HSL

Street address: https://www.hsl.fi/en/customer-service  

Buying commuter vouchers at the HSL Central Railway Station service point:  
After your first order of commuter vouchers, you can buy commuter vouchers directly at our service point at Helsinki Central Railway Station and pay for your order by cash or debit/credit card.  

For enquiries about commuter voucher orders:   

Call: +358 9 4766 4303   

E-mail to yritysmyynti@hsl.fi