Major service changes in 2024

There are many major service changes and disruptions to HSL public transport in 2024 due to renovation, repair and maintenance works. The works will affect, in particular, the Metro, train and tram services. However, public transport will continue to serve passengers during the works. For details, see below.

Changes in a nutshell

Changes to the Metro services in the city center as well as between Itäkeskus and Mellunmäki

The Central Railway Station and Mellunmäki Metro Stations will be closed from 3 June to 1 September. When the Central Railway Station Metro Station is closed, the Metro will not run through the city center. The trains will terminate at the University of Helsinki station (from the direction of East Helsinki) and Kamppi station (from the direction of Espoo). Later in the summer, Kontula station will be closed from 24 June to 4 August, and Myllypuro station from 8 July to 4 August. We will provide replacement bus and tram services.

Tram diversions due to street work

The renovation of Mannerheimintie will affect tram routes in 2024. From 3 June, tram 8 will be replaced by bus, and tram 1 will start running via the Central Railway Station and Hakaniemi. In addition, trams 2, 4 and 10 will run via Ruusulankatu to circumvent the Opera junction.

Changes to Main Line train services

I and P trains operate a reduced service between Helsinki, Tikkurila and Helsinki Airport, and K trains operate a reduced service between Helsinki and Kerava from 2 April to 27 October. On the section of Ring Rail Line from Helsinki via Myyrmäki to Helsinki Airport, the trains continue to run every 10 minutes.

Changes to Coastal Line train services

There will be no westbound train service from Leppävaara between 24 June and 28 July, as well as on some weekends in May, August and September. Trains will be replaced by buses which depart from Elielinaukio and Leppävaara.

Why are the works taking place?

In 2024, HSL’s public transport services will be widely affected by various repair, construction and maintenance works. We will provide effective replacement and alternative transport links, signposting and communications to ensure smooth journeys also during service disruptions. The works are necessary for various reasons.

On the metro, fire safety will be improved at the Central Railway Station Metro Station, switch maintenance and bridge repair work will be carried out between Itäkeskus and Mellunmäki, and the Kontula Metro Station will be refurbished. These works will ensure that the metro services continue to run smoothly also in the coming decades and enhance the appearance of the Central Railway Station and Kontula stations.

The disruptions to train services are caused by two different construction projects. Track work conducted in Tikkurila affects HSL’s train services that run via Tikkurila. The work improves the reliability of train services on the Main Line and the Ring Rail Line. The work taking place on the Coastal Line is related to the construction of Espoo City Rail Link. This work will continue in the coming years. As a result, train services will run every 10 minutes from Helsinki to Kauklahti instead of Leppävaara, as currently.

The tram diversions are primarily due to the renovation of Mannerheimintie. In the coming years, other renovation projects and the expansion of the tram network will affect tram services.