Discount prices on the Car Free Day 22 September

On Monday 22 September you can travel on HSL public transport at discounted prices. Single and value tickets for adults cost one euro/zone, children travel at half the fare.

Single and value tickets Adult Child
1-zone ticket  €1 €0.50
Regional ticket or 2-zone extended regional ticket €2 €1
3-zone extended regional ticket €3 €1.50

The prices of discount rate tickets are the same as those of children’s tickets.

The tickets are valid as usual and allow passengers to transfer from one vehicle to another as usual. The discount fares are valid from 4.30am on 22 September until the beginning of the night fare hours, i.e. 2am on 23 September.

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On most U line buses, the discount applies only to value tickets purchased with HSL's Travel Card.  With a few exceptions, single tickets purchased on board or from ticket machines do not allow transfer to U line buses.

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