Helsinki Airport train station opens on 10 July 2015

The Helsinki Airport train station opens to passenger traffic on Friday 10July 2015. The station is served by Ring Rail Line trains I and P. At first, access to the terminal is through the Tietotie entrance. The airport terminals can be reached either by a free bus service or by foot.

The western Tietotie entrance to the Helsinki Airport train station has been completed and the station opens to traffic on Friday morning 10 July. The other, direct entrance from the train station to the terminal will open later in the autumn.

Until the opening of the terminal entrance, a free bus service is provided between the Tietotie entrance and the airport terminals.The buses run every 5-10 minutes during the train operating hours and the journey time is 5-10 minutes.

The terminals can also be reached by foot; the route is signposted. The walk from the Tietotie entrance to Terminal 1 is about 350 meters and to Terminal 2 about 700 meters.

Service on bus route 615 running between Helsinki city center and the airport is reduced from 10 July 2015. HSL recommends passengers to use train for journeys between the city center and the airport. Trains are faster than bus 615 and they also run more frequently. The fare is the same.

Map and bus timetables from 10 July

Replacement bus service to the airport until 9 July

The Ring Rail Line trains run past the Helsinki Airport train station until 9 July. There is a bus service from Aviapolis station to the airport.  The Helsinki Airport train station opens on Friday morning 10 July. Until the opening of the train station at the airport, there is a free shuttle bus running between the Aviapolis station and the airport terminals. The journey time to the airport is about five minutes and the buses run approximately every five minutes during train operating hours.

Bus services such as regional route 615 and Vantaa internal route 61 run to the airport as usual.