Commuter train tickets also available from VR’s ticket machines at Helsinki Airport

There are several ways to buy HSL tickets at Helsinki Airport.

HSL is tackling the lengthy queues at HSL ticket machines at Helsinki Airport by improving passenger information. In addition, a ticket sales person/guide is assisting passengers during the busiest tourist season. The guide is there from 24 July until the end of August. HSL tickets for commuter trains are also available from all VR ticket machines. There are HSL ticket machines at bay 12 in front of terminal T1, at terminal T2 and at the baggage claim hall. In addition, HSL’s tickets are available from the Airport R-kiosk, Alepa Airport and the Tourist Info at the Arrivals hall 2A. All in all, there are 9 ticket sales point at the airport.

"We have agreed with Finavia that we will install two new single ticket machines during this week", says Mari Flink, HSL’s Director of Customer Experience and Sales.