Mobile tickets only available on the HSL app from 1 September excluding Windows phones

From 1 September, the HSL mobile ticket app will no longer work on Android and iPhone devices. Users of Android and iPhone devices must download the new HSL app to buy mobile tickets. Windows phone users can continue buying tickets via the old mobile ticket app.

The new HSL app supports iOS 9.0 or later and Android 5.0 or later. The old mobile ticket app displays a message about the change. Open the message to download the new HSL app. Alternatively, you can download the app at

The new app is not available for Windows phones because of rapid changes in phone technology. HSL’s goal has been to design an app providing passengers with a wide range of services. The HSL app offers various services not included in the mobile ticket app, such as tailored news and the Journey Planner. Providing the new services for Windows phones is not technically possible as the app uses React Native technology, which is not available for Windows phones.

However, Windows phone users can continue buying tickets from the old mobile ticket app. The app can be used on Windows phones until the old zone model is introduced.

HSL is developing the new app continuously, e.g. by adding new tickets to the selection of tickets available. For example, the app will in the future include a monthly auto-renewing subscription.

Plenty of other new features are planned to be introduced later, such as instant feedback and various intelligent functions based on travel and location data. For example, the app can suggest the user a particular route often used by the user.

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