Disruptions to eastbound metro services on Friday evening 11 January 2019, services from Lauttasaari eastwards disrupted 12-13 January 2019

The metro will not operate from Itäkeskus to Mellunmäki and Vuosaari on Friday evening 11 January 2019. On Saturday 12 January and Sunday 13 January, the metro will not run from Lauttasaari eastwards. Metro services will be replaced by replacement buses, tram 11 as well as buses 147N, 20X and 21X. The disruption is due to the installation of a new interlocking.

Metro services between Itäkeskus and Mellunmäki and between Itäkeskus and Vuosaari will be disrupted from Friday evening 11 January 6pm. The metro will from Matinkylä and Tapiola to Itäkeskus.

Last metro departures to Mellunmäki and Vuosaari on Friday evening 11 January 2019

Metro services between Lauttasaari and Mellunmäki and between Lauttasaari and Vuosaari will be disrupted 12-13 January. In other words, there will be no metro service from Lauttasaari eastwards over one weekend. All westbound trains will run from Lauttasaari to Matinkylä. The metro will run between Lauttasaari and Matinkylä every five minutes on both days.

 First and last metro services  on Saturday 12 January and Sunday 13 January 2019

Replacement services on 11 January

On Friday evening, the metro will be replaced by buses 99MX, Itäkeskus (M) - Mellunmäki (M) and 99VX, Itäkeskus (M) - Vuosaari (M). The buses will run approximately from 5.30pm. They will run every five minutes approximately until 8.30pm, after which they will run every 10 minutes until the end of service.    

Route of bus 99MX

Route of bus 99VX

Replacement services on Saturday 12 January and Sunday 13 January

On Saturday and Sunday, the metro will be replaced by the following buses to East Helsinki:
•    99B, Lauttasaari (M) – Rautatientori - Herttoniemi (M) Route of bus 99B 
•    99M, Rautatientori - Itäkeskus (M) - Mellunmäki (M) Route of bus 99M 
•    99V, Lauttasaari (M) – Rautatientori – Itäkeskus (M) - Vuosaari (M) Route of bus 99V

The buses will run from 5am on Saturday morning and from 6am on Sunday morning. Early in the morning, the buses will run every 10 minutes, approximately 9am-8.30pm every five minutes and for the rest of the evening every 10 minutes until approximately 11.30pm 

Lauttasaari bus routes 20, 21 and 21B will be replaced by buses 20X and 21X.     
Bus 20X will run from Kamppi via Lauttasaari Metro Station to Katajaharju and bus 21X will run from Kamppi via Lauttasaari Metro Station to Vattuniemi. The section of route of buses 20 and 21 from Itämerenkatu via Hietalahdenranta, Bulevardi and Albertinkatu/Fredrikinkatu to Laivurinkatu will not be served.  Route of buses 20X and 21X

The combined headways of buses 20X and 21X will be approximately 10 minutes in the morning and approximately five minutes during the daytime and in the evening.

Buss 147N, Kamppi-Soukka-Kivenlahti, will run exceptionally throughout the day from morning to evening The buses will run every 15-30 minutes approximatelyl 8am-11.30pm.  Route of map 147N 

The routes of the replacement buses will be available in the Journey Planner approximately 30 days before the service disruption.

In the central city area, the metro will be replaced by tram 11, running from Salmisaari via Ruoholahti (M), Kamppi (M), Central Railway Station, Helsinki University (M), Hakaniemi (M) and Sörnäinen (M) to Paavalinkirkko (St. Paul's Church).

The bus will serve all stops along the route. It will run on Saturday 12 January every ten minutes approximately 5.30am-11.50pm. On Sunday 13 January, the bus will run every 12 minutes approximately 7am-11pm.

The replacement buses and trams accept the same tickets as other HSL transport services. Drivers will not sell tickets on the 99 series buses. On routes 21X and 20X, passengers will exceptionally be able to board the buses also through the middle doors, provided they have a valid tickets. On tram route 11, drivers will not sell tickets.