Check your HSL card’s value balance and set reminders using a new online service

A new HSL card service has been opened at The service allows you to check your HSL card’s value balance and the validity period of your season ticket, as well as to set season ticket and value reminders.

You can also add your family members' HSL cards into the service. You can check the value balance on your children’s cards or the expiry dates of their season tickets. In addition, you can set up reminders to alert you when your child’s season ticket is about to expire or when the value balance falls below 7.5 euros. The service will send the reminders to the email address you provide.

You need an HSL account to use the service. You can easily create an account on the front page of the service and you can start using the service right away. If you already have an HSL account, log in.

You can also use the service to report a lost HSL card. A card reported as lost will be closed. You can get a new card from a service point (contact details). At the service point, any value or season tickets left on the lost card can be transferred to a new card.

We continue to develop the service and online top-up of HSL cards will be introduced in the service later this year.