MobilePay now available on the HSL app

You can now pay your single, season and day tickets on the HSL app with MobilePay. MobilePay can be used for one-off purchases. Auto-renewing season tickets cannot yet be paid with MobilePay.

If you have registered for MobilePay and you have the MobilePay app on your mobile device, you only need to enter your MobilePay password and swipe to confirm the payment.

“We want to make our services as easy as possible for our customers to use and to offer up-to-date payment methods. Our customers have long been hoping to be able to make payments on the app with MobilePay,” says Satu Piiparinen, HSL’s Product Manager for contactless payment.

“Over 50 percent of single tickets and an increasing number of season tickets are purchased using the HSL app, which has been downloaded by users by about two million times. I believe that the app will continue to increase in popularity when new payment options are introcuded.”

To be able to use MobilePay, you need a smartphone or another mobile device with a phone subscription. Once you have downloaded the MobilePay app to your device, you need to link your phone number and payment card details to the payment app.

Mobile payment is rapidly increasing in popularity

Use of MobilePay as a payment method for public transport tickets has increased by 735 percent from 2018. In December 2019, over 120,000 public transport tickets were purchased using MobilePay.

MobilePay can be used on PayiQ’s applications, which cover the services of VR and Onnibussi, as well as public transport services of over 20 cities and municipalities in Finland.

“When buying public transport tickets, speed and ease of use are important. Less and less people carry cash. With HSL joining in, MobilePay can be used to pay for public transport tickets in all biggest cities in Finland,” says Noona Puusniekka, Deputy Managing Director of MobilePay Finland.