Buses to operate a reduced summer timetable from 20 April

HSL area buses will operate a reduced summer timetable from Monday 20 April. Extended night service will not operate, i.e. on Fridays, buses will operate a Mon-Thu service. A Sunday service will operate on Saturdays. School bus routes will not operate.

In Sipoo, buses will operate a normal summer service.

The following routes will not run from 20 April until the end of the summer timetable season:
23N, 39B, 79B, 88B, 91, 91K, 158K, 181, 181K, 182 (182A will run), 225K, 236B, 245, 246T, 246KT, 311A, 348, 348K, 349, 444T, 445T, 565B, 588, 588B, 642K, 643N, 665N, 704, 711K, 736A, 788KV, 841B, 901, 901K, 902K, 903K, 906, 908K, 909, 909K, 964 (964B will run), 964K, 965 (965T will run), 965 , 966, 967 (967 K will run), 982, 984, 984K, 987B, 987BB, 989, 989A, 992, 993, 993K, 994, 996

There will also be some route changes from 20 April:

  • A new route, 965T, Hyrylä - Rusutjärvi - Jäniksenlinna – Jokela, will start operating in Tuusula.
  • Neighborhood route 413 will start running via Lintukallionkuja.
  • Buses 245A, Espoon keskus – Nuuksionpää – Kattila, and 712A, Tikkurila –Kuusijärvi, which usually only operate in summer, will start running.
  • Bus 52 will be diverted between Etelä-Haaga and Munkkivuori.

The reduced summer service will operate until further notice.

The new timetables are already available in the Journey Planner, remember to enter a search date after 20 April. Printable timetables will be available on our website around Easter.

Less passengers, reduced services 

The use of public transport has dramatically dropped due to the coronavirus epidemic. As reduced ticket revenue is making a hefty dent in our finances, we need to better align service demand and supply.

On the other hand, we are striving to ensure that those still using public transport can get around as smoothly as possible. With the reduced summer service, we are able to ensure as reliable transport services as possible in exceptional circumstances, for example, should a large number of operator staff be absent due to the epidemic.

The reduced summer service means that bus services are reduced by about 20 percent. On the other hand, in March, public transport passenger numbers fell by over 70 percent from February. On average, there is plenty of room in the vehicles. However, we still recommend people to avoid unnecessary travel and where possible, to travel outside peak times.

The metro, trams and trains will continue to operate to their current timetables. There will be changes to tram timetables on 4 May. We will provide information about these and any other changes in due course.