Koivusaari Metro Station floors to be resurfaced over the summer – bus route 20 provides alternative service to Katajaharju

Länsimetro Oy will be resurfacing platform floors at Koivusaari Metro Station in the summer of 2020. During the work, taking place between 1 June and 5 August 2020, the station will be closed to passengers and trains will not stop at the station. Otherwise, Metro services will operate as usual. Resurfacing work is being undertaken due to cracks observed in the station platforms. Bus routes 20 and 104 will provide alternative service in the area.

Alternative transport links in the area

During the resurfacing work, bus route 20 provides alternative service between Katajaharju and Isokaari. The bus runs via Lauttasaari and Ruoholahti Metro Stations. Westbound passengers as well as eastbound passengers travelling beyond Ruoholahti are advised to change to Metro at Lauttasaari station. The easiest way is to exit/enter the station via entrance A on Gyldénintie; bus 20 stops at bays 1 and 2 in front of the entrance. The bus also serves bays 3 and 4 on Lauttasaarentie, but they are a bit further away from the station.

Passenger numbers have decreased because of the coronavirus epidemic. Consequently, unlike previously announced, the service frequency between Katajaharju and Lauttasaari will not be increased from the present when the Koivusaari station is closed. HSL buses have been running a reduced summer timetable since 20 April. In the case of Koivusaari, this means that bus 20 runs every 15 minutes Monday-Friday and every 20 minutes on weekends. The journey time from the stops closest to Koivusaari station (“Vaskiniementie”, H1036 and H1037 on Isokaari) to Lauttasaari station is about five minutes, from the terminus of bus 20 (“Katajaharju”, H1040) about eight minutes.

The Hanasaari area in Espoo and areas along Länsiväylä motorway are also served by route 104, which runs from the Lauttasaari Metro Station along Länsiväylä via Lauttasaarentie and Westend to Haukilahti. Bus 104 serves the Lauttasaarentie stops, i.e. bays 3 and 4, closed to entrance B to Lauttasaari station. The stops closest to Koivusaari station are “Katajaharju” (H1066 and H1067) on Lauttasaarentie. In Hanasaari, bus 104 serves the “Hanasaari” (E2205 and E2332) stops. The journey time from the “Katajaharju” stops (H1066 and H1067) to Lauttasaari station is about two minutes. Additionally, Hanasaari is served by on peak bus services running along the Länsiväylä throughout the summer. There is also a city bike station.

The timetables of these routes are already available in the HSL Journey Planner. Remember to use a search date after 1 June.

Map showing the stops for the alternative bus routes around Koivusaari Metro Station

Koivusaaren aseman lähimmät pysäkit kartalla tekstin mukaisesti

Map showing the stops for the alternative bus routes around Lauttasaari Metro Station

Lauttasaaren aseman lähimmät pysäkit kartalla tekstin mukaisesti

Works at the station

The Koivusaari Metro Station will be closed for the duration of the floor resurfacing to help ensure that the work can be completed as quickly as possible. In this way, the inconvenience to passengers can be limited to the quieter summer season.

From 1 June, the Metro will not stop at the station and entrances to the station will be closed. The works will commence with site preparation, demolition and related works. The demolition works will take about four weeks to complete. Preparatory work on the floors, expected to take four weeks, will be partially carried out at the same time. The installation of new floor tiles and signposting will begin after the preparatory works. The final phase involves finishing works, site clean up and closure, after which the station will reopen.

The repair work will be carried out efficiently and safely so that the metro services passing through the station do not get disrupted and the duration of the work be as short as possible.

Further information on the resurfacing of the Koivusaari Metro Station floors will be provided by Länsimetro Oy.