New trunk route and other frequent services to be introduced in central Vantaa

New bus routes will be introduced in central Vantaa. In the future, the route network will be based on trunk route 600, which will run from the center of Helsinki to Helsinki Airport, and on other frequently running direct bus services. We planned the routes in close cooperation with the local residents.

New bus routes will be introduced in central Vantaa in autumn 2022 in line with the Tuusulanväylä Route Network Plan. The most important change is the introduction of trunk route 600, which will provide direct, frequent service from the center of Helsinki via the growing Aviapolis neighborhood to Helsinki Airport.

At peak times, the buses will run at a frequency of less than 10 minutes. During the daytime and in the evenings, the buses will run every 10 minutes. The new trunk route will replace current routes 614 and 615.

In addition, other frequently running direct bus services will be introduced in central Vantaa, facilitating travel both within the area and to surrounding areas. The route of bus 554 will be extended from Suutarila to Helsinki Airport to improve connectivity between Siltamäki, Jumbo and the airport.

Routes 561 and 616 will be merged. The new route will run from Itäkeskus via Malmi and Tammisto to Jumbo. The terminus will move from Helsinki Airport to Kivistö.

The change will improve bus links from Kivistö to East Helsinki. Routes 554 and 561 will run every 20 minutes during the daytime.

Bus 574 to run through Ruskeasanta

Bus services in Ruskesanta will improve when bus 574 is rerouted to run through the area. In addition, bus 576 will be rerouted to run via Junkersintie.

The route of bus 611 running between the Railway Square in Helsinki and Tikkurila will be straightened between Siltamäki and Tikkurila to shorten journey times from Tikkurila in the direction of Tuusulanväylä and Mäkelänkatu. 

The new routes are set to be launched in autumn 2022. Some minor changes to weekend services will take effect in autumn 2023.

Residents’ input in the planning process important  

We developed the plan in consultation with people living and travelling in central Vantaa. First, we conducted a travel survey to understand the travel habits and needs of people travelling in the area. About 3,700 people responded to the survey. 

A blog maintained by our route network planners was an important means of interaction. The blog was viewed about 44,000 times and we received some 1,000 comments via the blog.

We also held resident workshops and information about the plan was provided on electronic displays at stops and on buses.

Residents’ active participation paid off. The travel survey showed that residents of Ruskeasanta were markedly less satisfied with public transport in their neighborhood than residents elsewhere in central Vantaa and that bus links in the area need to be improved.

Trunk route 600 did not gain unconditional popularity in central Vantaa because residents had concerns about how the new route would affect service supply in Ylästö. However, in the end we opted for the trunk route for many reasons, including that in the future, bus 574 will run via Ylästö.