You can load day tickets onto your HSL card starting from 28 April

We have expanded the range of tickets available for the HSL card. You can now top up your card with day tickets for 1–13 days. A day ticket is a good option if you make several journeys during one day or several days.

Tickets are available for both adults and children and for all zones, A, B, C and D.

Tips for buying and using a day ticket

You can load a day ticket onto your HSL card by

  • using the HSL card service (=online top up)
  • using our full-range ticket machines
  • visiting sales points (R-kiosks, sales points of HOK-Elanto and Kesko, Stockmann Tapiola and Stockmann Itäkeskus)

Find the closest ticket machine, service point or sales point

You can load day tickets onto both personal and multi-user HSL cards.

The validity of a day ticket on an HSL card starts either from the moment the ticket is loaded onto the card or from the beginning of the selected day:

  • For example, if you load a three-day ticket onto your card at 9am on 1 May, the validity of the ticket starts at 9am on 1 May.
  • You can also load a day ticket onto your card in advance, for instance on 29 April. In that case, the validity of the ticket starts at midnight (12am) on 1 May.

Show your HSL card to the card reader when you board a bus. You do not need to press any buttons. On commuter trains, the metro, trams and on orange trunk route buses, you do not need to show your card unless a ticket inspector or conductor asks you to do so.

You can also buy day tickets for 1–13 days using the HSL app on your smartphone. Read more about the HSL app

You can still load day tickets onto a disposable card for 1–7 days.

Day ticket prices