Make commuting easier for your employees by offering the HSL commuter benefit

Employee benefits are increasingly important as we compete for skilled and motivated workforce in the post-Covid world. When assessing the attractiveness of a workplace, the environment, sustainability and responsibility are important values for many people. The HSL commuter benefit meets these needs extremely well because it makes employees’ everyday lives easier and encourages the use of sustainable modes of transport.

Commuter benefit is a public transport ticket provided to an employee by the employer. You can purchase tickets for your employees conveniently via the HSL Commuter Benefits Service. The commuter benefit is a good way to support your employees’ wellbeing: commuting by public transport instead of by car increases daily exercise and helps to maintain overall health. Those who travel by public transport take on average 2,000 more steps a day than those who travel by car.

Various remote and hybrid working models are here to stay for many companies and organizations. Many companies are figuring out how to encourage employees to return to the workplace at least part-time to create a sense of community. The commuter benefit is a great way to encourage employees to get out of the home office.

You can offer the commuter benefit as an auto-renewing season ticket. You can order the tickets conveniently via the HSL Commuter Benefits Service and your employees can download the tickets on their smartphones. When the ticket is always valid, it will encourage your employees to opt for sustainable modes of transport both for their commutes and leisure journeys.

The commuter benefit is tax-free for employees up to EUR 3,400 per year. Employees can receive the benefit on top of their salary or as part of salary.

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