HSL app appreciated by campaign ticket holders

During August and September, HSL organized a discount campaign that provided HSL app users with an opportunity to purchase a season ticket at a 50 percent discount. We made a survey for customers who purchased a ticket at a discount and received over 15,000 answers. Based on the survey, over 90 percent of the respondents were satisfied with the HSL app. In particular, the respondents felt that purchasing a ticket was easy. We will continue to develop the app further based on the feedback we got from the survey.

The discount campaign increased the number of HSL app users: approximately 70,000 customers bought their first season ticket on the app during the campaign. Most of these customers have continued to use the app even after the campaign.

“After the campaign, about 70 percent of customers who bought a season ticket at a discount have bought a new season ticket, and about 90 percent have made some other purchase on the HSL app,” says the HSL app concept owner, Timo Kiiveri.

Only a small share of respondents had issues using the HSL app

According to the respondents, bus journeys were regarded as challenging because passengers must show their ticket more often when travelling by bus compared to other means of public transport. The respondents also felt that sometimes the app took too long to open and load content. The general opinion was that the HSL app is not as reliable as the HSL card.

Towards an even better HSL app

HSL always appreciates and takes into account feedback from customers. We are always working towards improving the HSL app. In the latest versions of the app, loading a ticket is faster and the app functions in a more reliable manner.

“In addition to the improvements already made, we are also currently improving the speed at which the app functions and working on making the app more reliable. Moreover, we also wish to provide more support for the users of the app by improving our instructions and offering more support in situations where problems may occur,” says the HSL app concept owner, Timo Kiiveri.

You can also contribute to the manner in which the HSL app functions by making sure that you have the latest version of the app. We also recommend that you always buy your ticket in advance and make sure that you have charged your phone before travelling. It is also a good idea to open the ticket on your phone before your journey. Taking these precautions will contribute to a smoother journey.