You can now buy tickets with ePassi on the HSL app

The HSL app is a convenient way to buy tickets and find the best routes. You can buy single, season and day tickets anywhere and at any time. You can now pay for these tickets using the ePassi commuter benefit.


Using and paying for tickets with ePassi is quick and easy. Moreover, commuting and travelling on your spare time is effortless when you have a season ticket on your phone. You can travel as much as you like within the area of validity of your season ticket. A season ticket is more affordable than single tickets if you make more than three return journeys a week.

Public transport tickets as employee benefit 

The employer-subsidized commuter ticket is a public transport ticket provided to an employee by the employer. The benefit is tax free up to EUR 3,400 a year. In practice, this means that your employer can offer you tickets for the HSL area for the whole year and there will be no tax implications for you. Tell your employer about the commuter benefit!