Changes to stop names at the beginning of 2022

New stop names will be introduced in January 2022 around the HSL area. The changes are made, for example, because of changed location or because the old name no longer adequately describes the location of a stop. In addition, new stops are needed in new neighborhoods and on new street sections.

At the stops, stop name signs will be replaced in phases during spring 2022. The Journey Planner and stop announcements will be updated on 1 January or on 10 January, depending on the change. There are more than 4,000 pairs of bus stops in the HSL area and all of them have a name. The names need to be reviewed regularly.


Changes in Helsinki

There are changes to stop names in the new Postipuisto neighborhood in North Pasila as the area is further developed. The former “Autokuljetuskeskus 1” and “Autokuljetuskeskus 2” stops will be renamed “Postipuisto” and “Postiljooninkatu”.

There are several bus stops named “Metsäläntie” in Pohjois-Haaga and some of these will be renamed. The bus stops located on Metsäläntie are renamed “Nuijamiestenramppi” and the bus stops on Nuijamiestentie are renamed “Huovipuisto”. This will make it easier to identify the stops and the new names describe the stop locations better. The stops on Hämeenlinnantie will be called “Metsäläntie” also in the future.

In Vuosaari, there will be changes to the names of neigbhorhood route stops. The “Täkykuja” stops will be renamed “Rysäkuja”. The stops are renamed as the name “Täkykuja” is no longer in use.  Also the “Etel. ostoskeskus” stop will be renamed; the new name is “Rajapaadentie”.

In addition, linguistic corrections will be made to some Finnish and Swedish stop names. For example, “Töölöntulli” will be spelled together instead of apart.


Changes in Vantaa

There will be changes to stop names in Tikkurila. The “Valtion virastotalo” stops will be renamed “Vantaan opistotalo” according to the nearby adult education institute. The stops are renamed as the office building has been demolished. Also the stop next to the City Hall now called “Kaupungin virastotalo” will be renamed “Kaupungintalo” (City Hall).

In Leinelä, the “Pyökkikatu” stops are renamed “Pyökkikuja”. Street names have changed in the area and Pyökkikatu no longer exists. On Koivukylänväylä, the “Maapallo” bus stop next to the Social and Health Center is renamed “Kytötie”. The previous name was based on a work of art that has been removed.


Changes in Espoo

In Espoo, there will be no changes to existing stop names, but a number of new stops will be opened on 10 January as new streets are opened.

Bassenkylä in Kauklahti will get new stops called “Bassenraitti”, “Kauppiaantanhua” and “Bassenkylä”. “Lillhemtintie” and “Väli-Henttaan tie” stops will be opened on the new public transport street between Henttaa and Kuurinniitty. In Pohjois-Laajalahti, new stops “Suokaivonkatu” and “Raivaajan-aukio” will be introduced with the opening of the Impilahti Bridge.

Changes in Kauniainen

The “Postitori” bus stops in the center of Kauniainen are renamed “Kauniaisten kirkko”. The old name, “Postitori”, referred to the post office building that was located on the site of the current Park & Ride parking in the 1920s and 1930s.