HSL’s My displays service makes using public transport easier

HSL’s My displays service is now available at omatnaytot.hsl.fi/. You can use the service to create a timetable display that shows the timetables for stops important to you. All information about departures and disruptions is real time.


My displays service displays HSL public transport timetables and other passenger information including disruption alerts.

Sharing public transport information through your internal communications channels

You can use the internet links available via the service to display public transport information in your internal communications channels such as your company intranet. You can split the display into two and show timetables for different stops.

“We have developed the service based on suggestions from our customers and stakeholders. The idea is to provide low-threshold access to public transport information,” says team leader Joona Packalén.

The service is part of the Digitransit project

My displays is part of the national Digitransit project. Also the HSL Journey Planner is part of the project. The service is available nationwide.

“A similar function was introduced in Tampere and Jyväskylä as well as in the nationwide Matka.fi service at the same time,” states HSL Journey Planner and Digitransit product owner Katja Ravolainen.

The service is long awaited: it can be used to produce content, for example, for Travel Centers around the country. HSL has designed the My displays service together with its planning partners. The operation logic is the same as that used in HSL’s stop displays.

The service will continue to be developed

We will continue to develop the service in many ways. In the future, the service will also support images, enabling even more informative communications. A login function will be added later, enabling easier management of links.

Service features:

· Language support: Finnish, Swedish, English

· Layout: horizontal or vertical

· Service updates are displayed automatically based on the selected stops

· The links can be easily edited

· You can choose between a number of layout options

· You can select to display bay numbers or stop numbers

· Via information along with the route

· You can hide individual routes from the display