Increases to some season ticket prices at the beginning of 2022

The prices for adult 30-day AB, BC, CD and D season tickets will increase by EUR 2.60 to 3.30 on 1 January 2022. Fares for the longest trips, i.e. the prices for ABC, BCD and ABCD tickets, will not increase. The prices of single and day tickets will also remain unchanged.

Adult ticket prices from 1 January 2022

Ticket zones  

Auto-renewing saver subscription  /30 days 

Annual ticket (360 days) price/30 days 

30-day season ticket 

Single tickets 

AB, BC, D  52.30  54.40  65,.0  2.80 
CD 67.20  69.90  83.90  3.20
ABC, BCD  83.10  83.10  99.70  4.10 
ABCD 118.90 118.90 142.70  5.70 


The prices of auto-renewing saver subscriptions on the HSL app will not increase

The prices of auto-renewing saver subscriptions will not increase at the beginning of 2022. The prices will never increase during the first 12 months of the subscription. We will notify customers separately and in good time of any changes to the prices of auto-renewing saver subscriptions.

Twelve months travel for the prices of ten

You can still take advantage of the 2021 prices and purchase an annual ticket at a lower price until the end of December. You can buy a season ticket using the HSL app on your phone or your HSL card. Whichever you choose, you pay for 10 months but get 12 months of travel. For more information, see