Coming this year: new trunk bus routes and extensions to tram routes

Three new trunk bus routes will be introduced this year to strengthen transport links between Helsinki and Vantaa. Tram service area will expand with the extension of tram routes 7 and 9.

There will be major changes to bus services as route network plans previously approved by our Executive Board are put into effect.

New trunk bus routes 300 and 400 will be launched in August. The buses will run from Helsinki city center to West Vantaa. Bus 300 will run from Elielinaukio via Pähkinärinne to Myyrmäki station and bus 400 will run from Elielinaukio to Myyrmäki, Martinlaakso and Vantaankoski station.

The new trunk bus routes will replace some of the current regional routes. Some of the current bus services will be turned into feeder services to the trunk routes or to train stations.

In Central Vantaa, trunk bus route 600 will replace bus route 615 in August but the route will remain unchanged between the Railway Square and Helsinki Airport.

Another major change is that the route of bus 553 will be extended from Suutarila via Jumbo and Aviapolis to Helsinki Airport. The route will be renumbered 562. The changes will improve transport links from Kivistö and East and North East Helsinki to Aviapolis.

At the same time, bus 561 currently terminating Helsinki Airport will be rerouted to run from Aviapolis to Kivistö. The bus will run via the Viinikkala employment area and Kannisto. The changes will imrove transport links from Kivistö and East and North East Helsinki to Aviapolis.

New bus routes 583 and 584 will improve transport links between Central Vantaa and North Espoo as of August. Bus 583 will run from Aviapolis to Perusmäki, bus 584 from Aviapolis to Kalajärvi.

The implementation of the route network plan for Kivistö will bring some minor changes to services. As of August, bus 433 will run from Petas and Vantaanpuisto directly to Kivistö station, i.e. the bus will no longer run via Kannisto.

There will be minor changes to bus routes in Kirkkonummi at the start of 2023. Peak-time service 175, Matinkylä (M)–Masala–Jorvas, will replace route 172V.

A new bus route 904 will start running between the Kirkkonummi Travel Centre and Kantvik at peak times. Next year, the number of buses running between the Kirkkonummi Travel Centre and Matinkylä will increase, making interchanging to the metro and commuter trains easier.

The routes of trams 7 and 9 will be extended

New sections of tram tracks will open in August. Tram route 7 will be extended from Pasila station to Meilahti. Tram 9 will run from Pasila station to Ilmala.

As of August, tram 2 will run directly from Pasilankatu to Pasilansilta, i.e. the tram will no longer run via Pasilanraitio. The change is due to the construction of the Kalasatama tramway. Tram 2 is expected to resume serving Pasilanraitio in 2024.

There will be no major changes to commuter train, metro and Suomenlinna ferry services this year.

In the spring, the metro will run slightly less frequently at peak times because trains are needed for test runs on the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section of line. The metro will revert to the normal service frequency in August.

Diversion routes due to street and track works

There will be diversions to tram routes 1, 2 and 8 in Töölö from April to August due to street works. The construction of Kalasatama tramway will cause diversions to trams routes 1, 2 and 7 in Pasila.

We are preparing for changes to bus routes due to the construction of the Jokeri light rail line, Kalasatama tramway and Kruususillat. 

We prepared the annual transport service plan together with municipal educational administration, public transport experts from our member municipalities and operators. The plan was available for comments online in November/December 2021. Our Executive Board approved the plan on 18 January.

We received a total of about 80 comments. Thanks to all who contributed their opinions!

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