More customers willing to recommend HSL's services

The customer survey conducted in December 2021 included an NPS (Net Promoter Score) question that is used to measure how likely respondents are to recommend our services. The so-called NPS score was 25, indicating a good result. 45 percent of the respondents would recommend our services, whereas 20 percent voiced criticism towards HSL’s services.

Compared to the survey conducted in September, there was an increase in the NPS score and the number of respondents who would recommend our services. The NPS score was 25 in December, whereas in September the score was 23. Those living in zone A in Helsinki were most likely to recommend HSL’s services. Compared to the customer survey conducted in September, the NPS score increased in nearly all zones. Exceptions were zone B in Helsinki, where the score decreased, and zone B in Vantaa, where the score remained unaltered. The score increased most in zone C in Vantaa.

The respondents were most satisfied with how easy it is to purchase tickets. Satisfaction among the respondents increased slightly when they were asked about opportunities to take part in the development of public transport services. However, the level of satisfaction decreased when the respondents were presented with various statements about the quality of services. Such statements include, for example, “HSL is actively looking for new ways to serve me better” and “I feel that HSL listens to me and is aware of my needs”. In addition, compared to the survey conducted in September, there was a decline in satisfaction with perceived safety on public transport in the current coronavirus situation.

Tickets, payment and errands

Ticket machines are still being used to purchase tickets. Half of all respondents have used a ticket machine during the past year. However, 60 percent of those respondents indicated that they would like to use the HSL app to purchase tickets in the future. Some 30 percent of the respondents were interested in using a mobile wallet. The interest was high especially among men, HSL app users and those aged between 18 and 49. Nearly half of the respondents said that they had visited a service point during the past year. Buying a ticket was by far the most common reason given for a visit.

Combining means of transport

The most popular means of transport that the respondents combined with their public transport journeys was their own car. The next most popular means of transport were using own bicycles and taxi services. When asked about means of transport in the future, the respondents were most willing to combine their own bicycles with their public transport journeys. This was the opinion of nearly a third of the respondents. Using a private car and city bikes were ranked as the second and third most popular options.

About the survey

The respondents in the survey were selected randomly among the email addresses in our customer database. An invitation to the survey was sent to 335,000 customers. We received 5,459 replies, meaning that the response rate was 1.6 percent. The survey is conducted four times a year. The NPS score (Net Promoter Score) may vary from -100 to +100.

More information about the NPS score in Finnish can be found here