Love is in the fare on 14 February 2022

On Valentine’s Day, our ticket inspectors will be handing out roses to customers at metro stations. They will also provide advice on our digital services.


In addition to inspecting tickets, our ticket inspectors advise and assist customers in many ways. The campaign day showcases the different aspects of ticket inspectors’ work: control of fare payment and providing assistance. In addition to handing out roses, our inspectors will provide advice on our digital services, in particular the HSL app.  

Thank you for paying your fare. Here’s a rose for you.

We want to thank fare paying customers by giving them roses. Fare payment ensures that efficient public transport services can be maintained and further developed. 


“Currently, fare evasion costs more than 10 million euros a year. Thus, your fellow passengers and taxpayers appreciate you paying your fare,” says Jaana Kiianlehto from HSL ticket inspection. 


The Valentine’s Day event is part of a larger campaign called “A rose for you”. The aim of the campaign is to thank customers for paying their fares and to raise awareness of the importance of fare payment. Ticket revenue covers 50 per cent of the cost of transport service provision. That is why we have intensified ticket inspections especially on transport services where passengers do not need to show their tickets to the driver upon boarding. The campaign will run until the end of February.