We are renewing our customer communications – you can now change your notification settings and choose which messages you wish to receive from us

We are currently renewing our customer communications. In the future, you can choose which messages you wish to receive from us. It will be easier for you to remain informed of topics you find interesting and receive specific information on changes that affect your travelling. You will need an HSL account in order to change your notification settings. It is also advisable to make sure that your contact details are up to date.

We have also renewed the layout and improved the content of service updates. If you have subscribed to email notifications on cancelled services on your favorite routes, then, in case of major disruptions, you will receive messages containing information on more than one cancelled service instead of separate messages on individual cancellations. Additionally, the timing of messages has been improved to better match any potential disruptions. 

If you have an HSL account, you can make changes to your notification settings on hsl.fi and choose which messages you wish to receive from us. You can change your notification settings here.

Change your options to receive important information on the routes and stops you use. Adding your own favorite routes is the easiest way to receive specific information on the changes that affect your travelling directly to your email. Change your options.

Those customers who have not confirmed their contact details or who do not have an HSL account will only receive more general news and updates on larger changes and disruptions in the future.


Having an HSL account yields benefits 

Log in using your HSL account to gain access to more comprehensive and personalized content:  

  • You can buy tickets on the HSL app or hsl.fi.
  • Your tickets and receipts remain safe even if you change your phone.
  • You can save your favorite locations and stops and you will reach your destination faster.
  • You can mark down your favorite areas and receive information on how to participate in the planning of said areas.
  • You can buy a pass entitling you to use city bikes.

Read more about the processing of customer details: hsl.fi/en/hsl/privacypolicy

Read more about the processing of customer details in customer communications: hsl.fi/en/privacypolicy#customercommunications