We will send email to some of our customers about creating an HSL account or confirming contact details

We will send an email to those customers whose contact details we want to confirm. The email includes instructions on how to create an HSL account or confirm one’s contact details.

We are currently renewing our customer communications. In the future, you will have more options to choose from in terms of which messages you wish to receive from us. It will become easier for you to remain informed of topics you find interesting and receive specific information on changes that affect your travelling. You will need an HSL account in order to change your notification settings. It is also advisable to make sure that your contact details are up to date.

We will send an email to those customers who do not yet have an HSL account, or who have not yet confirmed the contact details for their HSL account. In case you receive an email from us on the matter, please follow the instructions included in the message. Customers who have not confirmed their contact details or who do not have an HSL account will only receive more general news and updates on larger changes and disruptions in the future.

Benefits of having an HSL account 

When you log in to our services with your HSL account, you will get access to more comprehensive and personalized content:

  • You can buy tickets on the HSL app or hsl.fi.
  • Your tickets and receipts remain safe even if you change your phone.
  • You can save your favorite locations and stops, and you will reach your destination faster.
  • You can mark down your favorite areas and receive information on how to participate in the planning of said areas.
  • You can buy a pass entitling you to use city bikes.

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