HSL and VR to study perceived safety on commuter trains

We will be asking passengers about their perception of safety on commuter trains over the course of May.

HSL and VR are launching a joint survey to study how safe passengers feel on commuter trains. Invitations with a link to the online survey will be distributed to passengers on commuter trains in May.

Invitations will be distributed on all HSL area commuter trains at different times of the day. We will be handing out invitations until Saturday 21 May.

The survey takes only about five minutes to complete, and all respondents will be entered into a draw for movie tickets.

The survey is conducted by means of invitations in order to target the survey to those passengers who use commuter trains. The survey contains separate questions about the current journey as well as the journeys the respondents have taken during the previous year.

This is the fifth time passengers will be asked about the safety of train services. The survey was previously conducted in the spring of 2019. In order to be able to compare the results to the answers from the previous surveys, we will choose the respondents the same way as in the previous survey.

Thank you for participating!