Problems with the HSL app on older iPhone devices

The HSL app does not open or launch on some iPhone devices (models 4, 5, 5 and 7). The problem affects in particular iPhone 6 and devices with iOS 12.5.5 or older. The problem occurred after the release of the latest HSL app version, 4.2.0.

There are problems with the HSL app on older iPhone devices.

You can try the following steps to solve the problem:

  • Update to a newer version of iOS
  • Release memory on your device

If the app no longer opens on your device, you cannot use your mobile ticket. In this case, we recommend you use the HSL card. You can apply for a refund for the days remaining on your season ticket. The days will be calculated from the day you visit our service point. Refund requests are processed at the HSL service point.