Trunk routes now stand out better in the Journey Planner

Trunk route buses and stops have long been easy to identify by their orange color. Trunk route buses are now marked with orange also in the Journey Planner.

We have added information about trunk routes in the Journey Planner available at Trunk routes are now easier to identify also in HSL’s digital services. Trunk routes are marked with orange in the Journey Planner’s route suggestions. Also route numbers and stops serves by trunk route buses are now in orange. In addition, the planner provides information about the routes to facilitate travel.

There are currently nine trunk bus routes (20, 30, 40, 200, 500, 510, 550, 560, 570) and new trunk bus routes will be introduced in the coming years. Trunk bus routes are operated with orange and white buses. Passengers can board these buses through all doors, including the middle doors. The buses have an open fare collection system, like commuter trains and the metro. Open fare collection makes boarding the buses faster as passengers do not need to show a valid ticket to the driver or a card reader.

On trunk route buses, there are card readers also at the middle doors for passengers who pay their fare using value loaded on the HSL card or who travel with advance purchase single tickets.

Kuva runkobussista Reittioppaassa