Five tips for combing cycling and public transport

Summer is made for cycling. Check out the following tips on how to combine cycling and public transport.

Pukinmäen pyöräliityntäpysäköinti

1 Leave your bike at a secure Park & Ride

You can conveniently combine cycling and public transport by leaving your bike at a Park & Ride and continuing by train, bus, metro or tram. You can leave your bike at a Park & Ride free of charge, there are no time limits.

This summer, new Park & Ride bike parking facilities are introduced at Pukinmäki station (picture) as well as at Rastila, Puotila and Mellunmäki Metro Stations.

2 Take your bike with you

You can take your bike with you on commuter trains, the metro and on the Suomenlinna ferry, provided there is room. Bikes are not allowed on buses and trams because there is no safe space for them. Folding bikes, bikes of children under school age and children’s mobility aids can be carried also on buses and trams.

On the metro, use the doors marked with a bicycle symbol. The space for bicycles is marked with a bicycle symbol also on commuter trains. Carrying bikes on the metro and commuter trains is free of charge. On the Suomenlinna ferry, the fee for carrying a bike is EUR 9 (return trip).

3 Plan your journey with the Journey Planner

Did you know that you can use the Journey Planner to find routes combining public transport and cycling? In addition, you can use the planner to check the locations of city bike stations and availability of bikes in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

Kaupunkipyöriä Pasilassa

4 Use a city bike for part of your journey

City bikes make combining cycling and public transport particularly easy and smooth. The front basket provides ample space for your bag or other belongings.

There are 460 bike stations and nearly 4,600 city bikes in Helsinki and Espoo. The station network has been designed so that it is easy to combine city bikes and public transport: the bike stations are often located close to bus stops or train stations. Helsinki and Espoo have the same bike system, Vantaa has its own system.

5 Visit a new place by bike and public transport

How about taking your bike on the metro or a train to visit a new place and cycling back? For example, you can take your bike on the metro, ride from east to west and cycle back enjoying the scenic coastline.

Still have questions? More information is available on our cycling pagepyöräilysivultamme!