Ukrainians are required to have a ticket in order to travel from 1 November

On 1 November, HSL will discontinue the right to free travel for holders of Ukrainian passports. Since March, Ukrainians have been able to travel free of charge on HSL's public transport by having their passport on them. From the beginning of November, Ukrainians are required to follow regular practices and have a ticket in order to travel.

Important information on HSL tickets and fares (in Ukrainian)

In March, we wanted to provide aid to Ukrainians during an unprecedented and exceptional situation, as a war had just begun in Europe and thousands of people fled to Finland on a very short notice. At the time, several other public transport operators in Europe and Finland also decided to make a similar decision.

Although Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine continues, we have no reason to offer Ukrainians any benefits that we don’t offer to people coming from other war zones across the world.

People who apply for temporary protection in Finland are entitled to benefits provided by society, and their basic subsistence will be secured in all situations. People who apply for protection are also entitled to ticket discounts under certain conditions. For example, students residing in Finland may receive school transport subsidy.