Commuter train route maps renewed based on passenger feedback

HSL has renewed the route maps for commuter trains. The new maps can now be found at stations and on commuter trains.

In February, we published a proposal for a new route map for commuter trains. Passengers can find said map for instance at train stations and on commuter trains. We also requested that passengers send us feedback on the proposed alternatives. As a result, we received a total of 500 comments. The comments also included several suggestions on how we could develop the map. We would like to thank everyone who provided us with feedback!

Based on the comments, we made some improvements to the map that are illustrated below. You can also find the map at train stations and on commuter trains. In total, some 800 route maps have been placed on commuter trains with the purpose of helping passengers find their destination. Additionally, you can find posters conveying the same information in station platform areas.

The new map was created in cooperation with VR, the operator responsible for commuter train services outside the HSL area. The new map can also be modified if the existing commuter train network is expanded in the future.

What was changed based on the feedback

The maps were modified previously in 2015, when the Ring Rail Line and bus route 560 started operating. In addition, some changes were also required when the new travel zones were introduced in 2019. All in all, the map needed a more thorough updating. The purpose of the changes is to ensure that passengers can find the information they need as quickly as possible.

Key elements on the map are highlighted visually

We made several changes to the map based on the answers we received to a survey carried out in the spring. For example, we highlighted the termini and added an airplane symbol for the I and P trains that run to the Helsinki Airport. Additionally, the names of the key interchange stations have been written in a larger font so that they stand out better. We also added more ticket zone symbols for the fare zones in order to better highlight the zone boundaries.

Even though the map is merely a simplified version of the routes, we used the feedback we received to improve the manner in which the railway lines for eastbound trains are presented in relation to their geographical location. The symbols for the trunk bus routes, however, were made smaller in order to highlight the key information on the map, which is commuter train services. These are just some examples of how the feedback we received impacted the design of the maps.

What is a route map?

The idea of a route map is to convey information about a public transport network in a concise and simple manner. The purpose of the map is to illustrate the basic structure of the network instead of giving a detailed description of the geographical location of different routes and stations on the map. Studies also show that passengers get the information they need quicker by examining a route map.

The commuter train route map is part of the same HSL map group as the maps for trunk route buses, trams and the Metro. The maps were designed together with HSL’s cooperation partner Kuudes.

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