Feedback responses to be displayed in your information at

There are changes to the way responses to customer feedback are provided. When you log in to our online service at using your HSL account and give us feedback, you will receive a response to your feedback in your information at You will no longer receive a response via email.

If there are service updates or messages for you, the number of unread messages is displayed on the top right corner, next to the clock.


When you receive a response to your feedback, you have three months to respond to the message, if you like. After that, the feedback will be closed.

Feedback form

HSL account gives you access to all our services

Use the HSL account to log in to all our digital services:

  • When you buy tickets via the HSL app or at using your HSL account, your ticket information and receipts will be stored on your HSL account.
  • You need an HSL account to buy city bike passes. The kilometers you cycle and the purchases you make are stored on your HSL account.
  • You can get information on disruptions and changes to the routes, stops and areas you have selected.
  • You can save you favorite locations and stops in the Journey Planner at

You only need an email address and a phone number to create an HSL account.

More information and instructions for creating an account