Complete our travel survey and participate in the development of Ring I public transport

We are undertaking a review of public transport services running along Ring I and in its vicinity. We are first conducting a survey to study how the current transport services are working. We encourage you to complete the survey. We will use the survey results and other baseline data to decide whether to undertake the planning of new transport links for the area or not.

We are reviewing public transport serving Ring I to determine what needs to be improved. The review includes bus routes 54, 553, 553K and 523. Bus 523 will start running between Tapiola and Leppävaara when the light rail line 550 starts.

We are reviewing the bus routes in close interaction with people who use the road. The first step is a travel survey to understand the travel patterns as well as the needs and expectations for public transport of people who use Ring I or live in its vicinity. We also want to know how effective the current public transport services in the area are.

The survey is open until Sunday 13 November. It takes about 10 minutes to complete. 

Respond to the survey

“We encourage people to respond to the survey as we will use the survey results and other baseline data to decide whether to undertake the development of public transport in the area or not,” says public transport planner Mari Linna.

“We encourage people to complete the survey even if they are currently not using public transport. We would also like to hear from those who think that public transport in the area does not meet their travel need well enough.”

Workshops and travel diaries

If, following the survey, we decide to undertake the project, our goal is to develop transport services for Ring I that would meet the diverse travel needs of as many people as possible. The plan is due to be completed in spring 2023. Once the plan is completed, our Executive Board will discuss it. Potential changes to the route network are expected to be implemented in 2025.

If we decide to go forward with the project, we will work in close interaction with our customers. The main interaction channel will be a blog about the plan where our public transport planners will post about the progress they are making.

We will also hold resident workshops and those interested will be able to keep a travel diary.

Website for the review of Ring I bus routes

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