HSL’s long-awaited service is finally here: you can now offer HSL Commuter Benefit as flexible Mobility Budget via the HSL app

The HSL Commuter Benefit is the most convenient way to offer your personnel an employer-subsidized commuter ticket. We have now added a new, long-awaited option to our selection: a flexible Mobility Budget that you can use via the HSL app.

With the help of the flexible Mobility Budget, employers can freely grant their employees an amount that the employees can then use to purchase the tickets they need via the HSL app. This new feature is a great choice for those who travel to the office a couple of times a week, or for employees who occasionally visit the HSL area.

Employees can use the Mobility Budget to purchase the ticket that best suits their travelling needs. A single ticket is the best choice for those who use public transport every now and then. A season ticket, on the other hand, is the easiest and most suitable option for an employee who regularly uses public transport. A season ticket is usually more affordable than single tickets if the employee makes more than three return journeys a week.

The flexible Mobility Budget was created in order to address the demand and needs of our current and future corporate customers. The HSL Commuter Benefit is also a responsible choice for the employer as it promotes the use of public transport, which is a sustainable way of commuting in the capital region.

While exercise and culture benefits are well-known and popular employee benefits, there is an enormous untapped potential in the area of commuting that employers could utilize. The Mobility Budget is a flexible choice that enables easy and sustainable commuting.

The flexible Mobility Budget is now available!

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