Electric articulated buses to enter service on trunk bus route 560 following competitive tendering

Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy and Taksikuljetukset Harri Vuolle Oy were successful in the tendering process for trunk bus route 560 and bus routes serving Sipoo. Following the tendering, new buses will enter service on the routes and trunk bus route 560 will be operated with electric articulated buses.

Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy has won the contract for the operation of trunk bus route 560, which runs from Rastila Metro Station to Myyrmäki.  

Taksikuljetukset Harri Vuolle Oy has won the contract for 11 bus routes serving Siuntio.

The new transport service contract for bus routes in Siuntio will take effect in August 2023 and the contract for trunk bus route 560 in August 2024.

New buses will enter service on all routes included in the tendering process at the beginning of the contract period. Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy will operate trunk bus route 560 with electric articulated buses. As a result of the tendering process, in total 16 new electric buses will enter service on the route.

Taksikuljetus Harri Vuolle Oy will operate the bus routes serving Siuntio with two-axle buses and minibuses. The buses are diesel powered but they meet the Euro 6 emissions standards.

All in all, the tendering process covered the services of 23 buses. The volume of the tendered services is about 2.5 million kilometers a year.

The bids were evaluated using the Most Economically Advantageous Tender criteria.

Bus routes included in the tender round 57/2022 for bus services

Lot 284     


912      Kuntakeskus – Pikkala

912K    Kuntakeskus – Störsvik – Pikkala 

913A    Kuntakeskus – Västerby – Kela  –  Kuntakeskus

913B    Kuntakeskus – Kela – Västerby  –  Kuntakeskus

914      Kuntakeskus – Evitskog – Bocksintie  

914T    Kuntakeskus – Bocksintie

915A    Kuntakeskus – Siuntio kk – Järvinummi – Annila – Kuntakeskus

915B    Kuntakeskus – Annila – Järvinummi – Siuntio kk – Kuntakeskus

915T    Kuntakeskus – Siuntio kk – Kahvimaa

916      Kuntakeskus – Siuntio kk – Suitia  – Pauni

917      Kuntakeskus – Dansbackantie – Hästböle – Flyt – Kuntakeskus


Lot 285     


560 Rastila(M) – Vuosaari(M) – Kontula(M) – Malmi – Myyrmäki