HSL prepares for possible power shortages – visit our new page to learn how the energy situation affects public transport

We are preparing for energy rationing and possible power outages in the winter together with other traffic service operators.

We have created a separate page where you can read how electricity is saved on public transport and how possible power outages would affect public transport services.

“We hope to raise awareness by talking about this issue. Rail traffic will not be affected by so-called controlled power outages, or rolling blackouts, as rail traffic has been classified as a critical electricity consumer in a decree issued by the Finnish government. As regards bus services, brief power outages will not prevent buses from running, but services would most likely be delayed if traffic and street lights stopped working”, says Maija Musto, Head of the Operative Unit at HSL.

Trams, commuter trains and the Metro are HSL services that run on electric power. About a third of HSL’s bus services are operated with electric buses. As a rule, electric buses are charged at bus depots at night when electricity consumption is at its lowest.

In case there is a power outage, we will inform our customers of the outage through our regular communication channels, that is, via the HSL app and on HSL.fi. Reserve power ensures that these channels will continue to function uninterrupted during a power outage. In addition, card readers and other equipment on public transport vehicles would continue to function despite a power outage.

Energy conservation at metro stations

One example of how electricity is being saved on public transport is the optimization of temperature and lighting inside stations and on public transport vehicles. In addition, some escalators have been turned off at the Kamppi, Rautatientori, Ruoholahti and Hakaniemi metro stations since December. However, each station will have at least two functioning escalators taking passengers up and down. Additionally, drivers can also to contribute to reducing electricity consumption by adopting economical driving methods.

If Fingrid, Finland’s transmission system operator, warns of a risk of electricity shortage, it is possible to cut down energy usage on HSL’s public transport by e.g. reducing metro or tram services. No services have yet been reduced in order to save electricity.

Read more about how HSL prepares for possible power shortages here