Transport Service Plan for 2023–2024 aims to increase passengers, reduce emissions and keep costs under control

With this and next year’s changes, HSL aims to increase passenger numbers and reduce emissions from public transport. Transport services will be realigned to better meet the changing mobility needs of customers, allowing for a more cost-effective delivery of transport services.

HSL has drawn up its transport service plan for 2023–2024 with a view to ensuring that the changes to public transport services support HSL’s strategic objectives to increase passenger numbers, reduce emissions from public transport and increase the cost-effectiveness of public transport.

“HSL continues to face pressure to find solutions to save money on transport services. To this end, we will realign service supply to better meet our customers’ changing mobility needs,” says Johanna Wallin, HSL’s Director of Transport Division.

“We plan changes to service supply based on our customer understanding, bigger changes we plan in interaction with our customers.”

Decisions have already been made on the most significant changes and now the decisions will be put into practice. The biggest changes will be in tram services. Light rail line 550, which will operate between Itäkeskus and Keilaniemi, might start already in autumn 2023, provided the test runs are successful and there are enough drivers and vehicles.

We are also prepared for the possibility that the light rail line does not start in the autumn and bus 550X continues to run until the end of 2023.

New bus routes for Tapiola and Leppävaara

In bus services, the biggest changes are related to light rail line 550. New bus routes will be introduced in Tapiola and Leppävaara in August 2023. In addition, new trunk bus routes 520, Matinkylä–Martinlaakso, and 530, Matinkylä–Myyrmäki, will start. At the same time, the routes of buses supplementing the new trunk bus routes will change.

“Light rail line 550 and the new bus routes in Tapiola and Leppävaara are an example of how HSL implements its strategy through service changes,” says Johanna Wallin. The aim of these reforms is cost-effective transport services that better meet our customers’ needs. Passenger numbers will increase, and increasing rail services supports our goal of reducing emissions.”

There will be no major changes to commuter train, metro and Suomenlinna ferry services. Roadworks and track works will cause diversions and service changes also this year and next year. We will provide more information in due course.

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