Our online service for companies has a new name – HSL Business Portal is now more popular and comprehensive than ever

The HSL Business Portal has everything you need for your work-related travel needs. It is an easy-to-use online service that employers can use to manage their personnel’s commuter benefits and other work-related travel needs.

HSL Yritysportaali avoinna kannettavan tietokoneen näytöllä. Kuvassa myös HSL-sovellus.

For a few years now, our clients have been able to issue and manage commuter benefits via our online service. The service was earlier known as the HSL Commuter Benefits Service.

As the service gained in popularity, we decided to include all our work-related travelling solutions in the service. We also changed the name to HSL Business Portal, as it better describes the now more comprehensive service.

You can use the HSL Business Portal to gain access to many travel-related products, such as the HSL Commuter Benefit, HSL Business Travel, city bike user rights, ticket codes, single-charge cards and HSL cards for shared use. The easy-to-use online service is available 24/7 and it costs you nothing to start using it.

The two most popular work-related services are the HSL Commuter Benefit and the HSL Business Travel. Both services can be used via the HSL Business Portal.

The HSL Commuter Benefit is a ticket that the employer offers to their personnel for journeys between home and workplace. The commuter benefit can be offered either as an auto-renewing season ticket or as flexible Mobility Budget. For the employee, the commuter benefit is a tax-free benefit. With the HSL app, the employee will always have the commuter benefit with them when travelling.

In certain jobs, employees must travel during the workday. The HSL Business Travel is a great solution for this need. Forget the hassle of finding a parking space or having to fill out forms to charge the company for expenses! You can provide your employees with an amount that they can use in a flexible manner for their work-related travel needs during the day. You will not be invoiced for any unused amount.

And don’t forget to try out our free services My displays and the Route search element. You can add the Route search element to your company’s website in order to help customers find your premises by public transport.

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